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My parents game me a Kodak Pocket Instamatic camera when I was in 5th grade. I remember taking pictures and carrying that camera everywhere I went. My grandfather Herron Wood, was an avid photographer and began to teach me the art of framing images and looking for fantastic pictures. In high school I began using my father's Voigtlander 35mm West German camera and by college I had progressed to a Minolta 35 mm. It has been a long time since those early Kodak days but my love for taking pictures and looking for just the right shot have continued with me over the years.
I enjoy using my creative abilities in the world of photography and our walls are covered with the artistic side of my craft. Steve Wood Photography is about sharing those memories and artistic creativity with you. I want to help color and enhance your rooms, offices, kid's area, churches and the beauty of life. You will find landscapes, architecture, sacred pieces, kids art and trains and rail roads of the United States. You will also find artwork that will inspire you and enrich your life. I encourage you to look over my artwork and find just the right piece for showcasing your love for art photography.

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