Rail Railroad Art

I began taking Railroad pictures back in the 1980’s. I searched for many railroad engines of the southern United States. You will find many fallen flags of the CSX Corporation. Some of the railroads are: Seaboard System RR, Family Lines Rail Road, Seaboard Coast Line Rail Road, Louisville & Nashville Rail Road, Chessie System Rail Road, Georgia Rail Road, Clinchfield Rail Road, and the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road. You will also find a variety of short line Railroads like: Valdosta Southern Rail Road, The Bay Line Rail Road, Chattahoochee Industrial Rail Road, and the Birmingham Southern Rail Road. Two strong Railroads emerged with the joining of the Southern Railroad and Norfolk and Western Railroad to form Norfolk and Southern Rail Road. Most of these pictures were taken in the Birmingham, Alabama area. I also keep a collection of art work from Rail road museums of engines, boxcars, and cabooses.

Over the years I have seen many other rail road diesel engines along the southern routes of the United States like Canadian National, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Kansas City Southern and various other short line railroads. Take a look at my artwork and I hope that I can provide the picture you seek for your hobby room, model layout, kid’s room, or house.


Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art is a category that I call artwork that was inspired by my love of all things different. In this category you will find anything from old cars, tractors, battleships, and destroyers. My journey of picture creating includes civil war sites, canons, sailing ships, British guards, historic monuments, animals, shaker art, and Scottish abbeys. My adventures are always growing and changing as I seek the right artwork for just the right display. It is nothing for me to be driving down the interstate and see something that strikes my fancy and I pull over and start taking pictures. This spirit of adventure helps keep the boy alive inside the man. Hope you enjoy these wide ranging pieces of art.


Scenic Art

Back in 5th grade I began taking pictures of sunsets and lake scenes as I fished with my grandfather in and around Lake Blackshear, near Cordele, Georgia. Now I have been throughout the United States, Germany, England, and Scotland. I go through periods where I take pictures of flowers, barns, farm life, and sunsets. The seaside intrigues me and shrimp boats, lighthouses, famous historic places, and old homes give me plenty of art to fill my camera storage devices. Scenic artwork continues to inspire me and lift my spirits as I look for just the right shot or angle. I hope you enjoy the many landscapes and scenic vistas.



My first major in college was Architecture. I love to draw homes, palaces, and churches. Now I enjoy taking pictures of forms and styles of various architects and builders. Cathedrals and Abbeys inspire me and take me closer to God. Churches, missions, historic settings and gardens provide a plethora of artwork. I enjoy Frank Lloyd Wright, Southern Mansions, Unique building styles and even fountains. Walking down historic main streets and landscape architecture captivates my camera and my soul. The old home places remind me of the many people who have help build and shape our nation. These lost shadows of artwork that hide behind trees and bushes are a testimony to their strength and endurance. Visit my Architecture artwork and be lifted to new elevations of design.


Sacred Art

My entire life has been centered on the church and the sacred. God has given me the ability to see and enjoy the world through the lens of his grace and the camera. This artwork comes from the many pilgrimages and retreats that I have been a part of throughout my life. You will find sacred art pertaining to churches, stain glass, crosses and scenic views. Much of the sacred artwork comes from words or thoughts that inspired me to take the picture. May you enjoy and be inspired by the artwork that can take us to new heights of faith and encouragement.



Thanks again for looking at my artwork and I encourage you to think about purchasing some of these many designs for your home, office, or kids rooms.  Do not hesitate to contact me or provide feedback for any style of artwork that you may be interested in seeing on my web page.