Steve Wood Photography: Blog en-us (C) Steve Wood Photography (Steve Wood Photography) Tue, 02 Jul 2013 20:04:00 GMT Tue, 02 Jul 2013 20:04:00 GMT Steve Wood Photography: Blog 120 80 Changing of the Guards What an adventure it was to travel to England and see the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.  The precision and sound of these wonderful soldiers stirs the heart and imaginations of people around the world.    I stand there in awe as they play favorite tunes of all eras and the stately marches of pomp and circumstance.  Then I remember that these men are also defenders of their country and homeland.  While traveling on the train from Cambridge to London, I was able to talk to one of these men and I was so impressed by his devotion to music and country.  His humble nature intrigued me as he told me about his military career.  It was a joy for this American to stand silent and take in the Changing of the Guards.  This is a must see when you travel to London. 

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There is Always Hope There is Always Hope!  In our world today, people are looking for something to grasp hold of and make life more meaningful.  We look for it in many things, activities, and substances.  Hope is always there like an anchor.  This picture was taken at the Abbey of Gethsemani in the spring.  The Anchor is used to secure ships in storms and provide a strong grip to prevent the ship from drifting away.  Our anchor, Jesus Christ, does the same for us as we face the trials and storms of life.  Daily we are to have hope in his strength and power.  "We have this hope as an anchor of the soul, firm and secure."  Hebrews 6:19

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The Grey Fox This picture was taken in the early 90's in Kentucky.  As always I was driving around the countryside and I happened upon this GP38 L&N engine parked at a depot.  After taking several pictures from the front I drove around to take another angle and found this shot of the engine barely in view from the trees and bushes.  At this time the L&N railroad had gone through several mergers and was the on the way out.  I was lucky to get this picture as in the near future all of the previous railroads of the CSX Corporation were painted with the CSX colors.  This was taken with my Minolta 35mm camera. 

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The Old Farm House There is nothing better than driving through the country side and seeing and old farm house.  These old homes are in abundance in the south.  I remember as a kid driving through South Georgia and seeing these simple homesteads off in the distance.  Many were vacant and mere shadows of their former selves.  However, to me, they were spectacular displays of times gone by were play, hard work, and good food made up a simpler time.  This home was taken in Virginia.  The fields of grass draw you to the simple wooden frame house with chimneys on both ends.  I can imagine snow covering this field and kids sledding down the hill until the end of day.  This picture was taken with my 35mm Minolta camera. 

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Melrose Abbey Scotland Five years ago I had the priviledge of traveling to Scotland.  I was able to travel south of Edinburgh and look at the ruins of five abbeys.  These ruins are magnificent displays of art and beauty.  This shot is from Melrose Abbey and much of the Chapel is still intact.  I went to one of the transept areas and gave glory to God through song.  The sound was awesome and I wondered what it would have looked like back in 1590.  The stone work and carvings are a testament to the craftsmanship involved in creating these pieces of art.  This shot was taken around mid-afternoon. 

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Silent Guns These canons stand proud and strong at the Shiloh Battlefield in Tennessee.  They are facing North and look upon an open field.  They are silent now, but their very presence speaks of a time when North and South, Brother against Brother, fought a horrific battle here upon this hallowed ground.   To walk the battlefield and look at the monuments and canons is to remember the sacrifices of many brave men.  Every American needs walk these hallowed fields and reflect upon the blessings we have today.  This picture was taken with a 35mm Minolta camera with Black and White film.   

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Walking the Path I enjoy going to historic places and walking the grounds where thousands have walked before me.  I enjoy sitting on benches and looking at beautiful trees and flowers that light up the many paths that go before me.  Paths take us many places and provide opportunities for adventure, opportunities, life lessons, and rest.  This picture was taken at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Kentucky.  The picture was taken in the spring.  Lee Chapel, located on the right, includes a memorial to Robert E. Lee.  He is buried in a crypt located beneath the chapel.  His horse traveller is buried right outside the crypt door.  Washintgon & Lee University is a splendid university with gorgeous Architecture and scenery.  It is situated right beside Virginia Military Institute and provides the photographer with year round photo opportunities. 

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My Favorite Rail Road As a kid I remember visiting my grandparents in Cordele, Georgia.  Cordele is the home to two mainline railroads, CSX and Norfolk and Southern.  The Seaboard RR, as my grandfather called it, followed the joining of the Seaboard Coast Line RR and the Chessie System RR.  I remember watching the sleek black SCL F7 engines racing through town.  The picture you see in this blog is a SD45 Seaboard Coast Line RR engine at the Birmingham, Alabama shops.  I love the black and gold colors with the gold stripes down the side.  The SD45 engine came out in 1965, having 3600Hp.  There were 1260 units built by EMD.  SCL 8915 was built in 1968 and began as SCL number 2015.  It was last seen as UP 2669 in 2004 as a SD40M-2.


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Working Together Today I drove to Tennessee to pick up a piece of furniture I had ordered.  The scenery was beautiful and the sky was blue.  As I drove through a small Amish community, I came upon a group of men of all ages building a house.  The sight was fantastic.  The men were working together to help create a home for one of their neighbors.  We can all learn from these men who cared enough to spend several days helping out a neighbor.  Love God, Love your Neighbor.

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Sunsets There is nothing more gorgeous that a Sunset.  The way the light settles over the horizon and reflects it's rays through landscapes and places.  Sunsets are meant to be enjoyed daily and with patience and calm.  This picture was taken as my wife, son, and I were traveling through Yellowstone Park for the first time.  As beautiful as the shot is, it was taken as we topped a hill.  I quickly got out my camera and got the shot before we went over another hill.  How I wished we could have pulled over and sat quietly for a period of time.  Unfortunately my eight year was tired from the flight and we were heading to our cabin in the hills.  I would encourage each of us to learn to relax, slow down and spend some time just being.  Sunsets are so gorgeous and peacful.  Blessings.

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